2019 Projects: Goals

Rustic Walking Dress, Lady’s Magazine. “A jacket and petticoat of thick slate-colored muslin or fine stuff; the jacket trimmed with a double row of pink ribbon, and the petticoat and sleeves Vandyked with the same; long sleeves or gloves to match the dress: a gypsy hat of chip or straw, trimmed with pink crape; and a half handkerchief of the same tied under the chin; a white parasol, and slate-colored or grey shoes.”

No deadline, but would be nice to have for a picnic.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 8.01.37 AM

Rustic Walking Dress, Lady’s Magazine

The Not-A-Wedding DressThe why of this dress is here. Again, no deadline, but nice to have done by summertime.

The 1954 Not-a-Wedding Dress

Checked Silk Sacque I have the fabric. I have the hip pads. Do I have the will power? This is another documentable, bloggable, very challenging project I’d like to finish.

Brown Silk cross-bar sacque, 1760s. LACMA

The 1799 Ball Gown. Gallery of Fashion, October, 1799. “The front and side hair cropped; part of the crown in bandeaux, and the hind hair turned up plain, returned in ringlets, and tied at the top with two strings of pearls; bandeau of orange and silver tissue riband. Orange-coloured military feather on the right. Robe of white taffeta, embroidered in small oranges; short close sleeves; the whole trimmed with a narrow orange-coloured riband. Striped clear muslin neckerchief, trimmed with a rich lace. String of pearls round the neck. Pearl earrings set with diamonds. Belt of large orange-coloured satin riband, with an enameled steel buckle in the front, round the waist. White gloves and shoes.” Nice to have by October of 2019.