Domestic Economy: Bibliography & Resources


Useful secondary sources for household management, hygiene, and seasonal change:

Kathleen Brown, Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America. (New Haven: 2009)

Elaine Forman Crane, Ed. The Diary of Elizabeth Drinker: The life Cycle of an Eighteenth-Century Woman. Abridged edition. (Philadelphia: 1994)

Jane C. Nylander, Our Own Snug Fireside: Images of the New England Home, 1760-1860. (New Haven: 1993)


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Good guidelines for being a servant, and with receipts:
The servant’s directory : or house-keeper’s companion: … To which is annexed a diary, or house-keeper’s pocket-book for the whole year.By Hannah. Glasse
London : Printed for the author ; and sold by W. Johnston ; at Mrs. Wharton’s, at Mrs. Ashburnham’s china-shop, Mr Vaughan’s, and by all the Booksellers in town and country, 1760

The compleat servant-maid; or, The young maidens tutor Directing them how they may fit, and qualifie themselves for any of these employments. Viz. Waiting woman, house-keeper, chamber-maid, cook-maid, under cook-maid, nursery-maid, dairy-maid, laundry-maid, house-maid, scullery-maid. Composed for the great benefit and advantage of all young maidens.
Woolley, Hannah, fl. 1670. London: printed for T. Passinger, at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1677.


Guidelines for manservants, 1823 but still useful (you will need more brushes):
The Footman’s Director and Butler’s Rememberancer. Thomas Cosnett, 1823.

The book known as One Thousand Receipts Likely to Kill You (but in interesting ways):

Woodward, William Wallis. One thousand valuable secrets, in the elegant and useful arts : collected from the practice of the best artists .. by Published 1795 by Philadelphia : Printed for B. Davies …, and T. Stephens … .

If you are traveling with the Army, or quartered in Barracks or a Cantonment with Huts: Links on hygiene and historical medical practices.

U.S. Army Department of Medical History

Observations on the means of preserving the health of soldiers and sailors : and on the duties of the medical department of the Army and Navy : with remarks on hospitals and their internal arrangement by Cutbush, Edward, 1772-1843; Rush, Benjamin, 1746-1813. Directions for preserving the health of soldiers, addressed to the officers of the Army of the United States

Plain concise practical remarks, on the treatment of wounds and fractures : to which is added, an appendix, on camp and military hospitals ; principally designed, for the use of young military and naval surgeons, in North-Americaby Jones, John, 1729-1791; Cadwalader, Thomas, 1707 or 8-1779, dedicatee; Bell, Robert, 1732?-1784, printer