Boston 8.10.1763

I'm only in this for the cannon.

I’m only in this for the cannon.


The event will take place on September 28, 2013. Drilling, arms, and clothing checks will happen Saturday, July 27. Check here, or the event website, for more news.

For more information on the project to commemorate the 1763 celebration of the Treaty of Paris ending the French and Indian war, please visit the event info website.

Information will be added as planning progresses. Yes, I know it’s short notice. But where else would you want to wear wool in August  September? Williamsburg is too far for a weekend jaunt, so try the Old State House instead.

2 thoughts on “Boston 8.10.1763”

  1. I am very new to reenacting. I was wondering, how does one go about joining a battle road group?

    • kittycalash said:

      I think you’d want to join the Hive workshops.
      They will start again in earnest in the winter. It’s the best way to get your kit in trim to standards.

      The guys who portray the combatants at Battle Road are in regiments. The British are in British units, the Americans in Continental or Militia units. The umbrella organizations are the Brigade of the American Revolution, the British Brigade, and the Continental Line. Most units do a range of activities from Battle Road to the big reenactment events to smaller events at historic sites.

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