10 thoughts on “Shop”

  1. Gertraud Schneider said:

    do you sip to austria (europe) too?

  2. Gertraud Schneider said:

    sorry, it shoulr read ship!

  3. Gertraud Schneider said:

    thank you. i will have a look. and i have to consider customs…..

  4. Gertraud Schneider said:

    Sorry for asking here, but I did not find these items in your etsy-shop: are the 1795-1805 Day Dress or Work Gown and the Dutch Chintz Jacket ca 1775 still available? and how much would the two items cost (shipping included)?

    • The day dress is only listed here; the chintz jacket just sold and needs to come down from here– my apologies. I’m asking $175 for the roller print gown (it is entirely handsewn). Shipping to….Austria? Looks like first class shipping is about $25, so the total would be $200. I can send you a paypal invoice if the email that appears in your comments will reach you. Thanks so much– and my apologies for being slow to update across platforms. You can reach me at kittycalash (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. Hi– is the Indian Block Print Cotton Late 1770s Gown an English or Italian gown? And what is the arm circumference, and the back torso length?

    • It’s English, in that the back pleats are in one piece with the CB skirts. At its widest, the upper arm is 13″.
      back torso (bodice) length is 17″ CB and 16″ crest of shoulder to top of skirts. I can email images to you of the back w/ a tape measure if it would help. I can be reached at kittycalash (at) gmail (dot) com


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