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I did decide to make a dress, or perhaps more properly to try to make a dress in time for the opening. Since I really can’t wear the new Indian print cotton dress, I chose a 1945 Vogue pattern.

The red plaid taffeta from Jo Ann’s was 50% off, and normally I do eschew all fibers unnatural and rustling, but this is 1945 and heaven knows nylon and rayon were THE thing to have. It’s fancier than I normally trend, clothing-wise, but that’s the fun of making things.

I bought buttons, just in case, though I was pretty sure I had some in my stash–and I did! (Photo surely proof that I need to replace the camera, or at the least, get the D40 sensor cleaned, stat!) These are from my husband’s grandmother’s stash, if not his great-grandmother’s, so they are of the period. Flowers and plaid, pretty scary usually, but moderately apropos here. It will be something to do in the awful heat we expect, though I am tempted to cut this out at work tomorrow night in the chilly realm of the Library reading room. I did not make a muslin of the bodice last night, I lazily drank two beers, ate pad thai, and fell asleep.