In which we make yet another lunch, and hope for the best.
The Eco Lunch Box, found at HomeGoods, delighted Young Mr S. Bright colors, squishy silicone and a snap-top lid with integral spork storage, what’s not to like, if you are 13?

It works pretty well, considering what I stuff into it. It’s a kind of suburban bento box, suitable for the dishwasher and being taken to Grassy Camp, run by EastSide Private School. Young Mr S gets two more weeks of Grassy Camp, then four of free Pavement Camp, run by the city of Providence’s after school program. That camp comes with breakfast and lunches free, and camp is free, too. I feel bad taking advantage of it, for it is an entitlement I don’t exactly need; we could afford Non-Christian Community Organization Counselor in Training program camp. But PavementCamp offers sailing and the chance (necessity) of interacting with the children The Young Mr goes to school with. Grassy Camp provides an altogether different kind of diversity experience, but the chance to kayak, get a good ear infection, and run around in the woods.

So pack the lunches I do, and the Young Mr eats them, never shy with criticism. Of course when you eat the same thing every day, it’s hard even for Mom to screw up.

  • Ham sandwich with iceberg and yellow mustard on potato roll. Do not use any other kind of lettuce or mustard, Dijon is too spicy for the boy who eats Thai red chili sauce with a spoon.
  • Celery and carrots, though we prefer celery to carrots.
  • Strawberry yogurt tube, can be frozen.
  • Oreos, never forget the oreos. Ever.
  • Fruit. Today it is strawberries, they’ve been on sale. We’ll see how diverging from apples or grapes goes. This upgrade may be rejected.