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Dana wisely stands back while I pull the cork on 18th century cleaner

Hey, there’s a maid in my parlor, or, tidying up the belated thank-yous.

In chronological order, this blog was nominated for a Super Sweet Blogging award, which is a tricky thing for me, because folks, I am not sweet. I’m not even Truvia. It is not a nice thing to have to decline an award, but I cannot list 13 blogs, and really, I am not sweet, and I don’t eat sweets much, either. More savory…or salty… Vinegar and lavender… But to take the sort of weasel-y, non-sucrose way out, many, many thanks to Thoughts from an American Woman for the generous nomination and for following my blog. I’m always astonished by, and grateful for, the variety of readers and hope people enjoy the ride.

Then I found out about the Liebster Award, from Sabine at Kleidung um 1800. Thank you! 5 blogs with fewer than 200 followers I can manage.

An American Seamstress, sewing costumes and sharing her process

The Pragmatic Costumer, real-life sewing

Tracy Loves History, history I never knew

Kim-ing, sewing from this century and the last

Letters of Note, correspondence that deserves a wider audience

I don’t know if all of these blogs qualify as having fewer than 200 followers, but I do know there’s some interesting writing out there. It’s good to know other people are trying the same things, or different things, taking some risks trying to learn to skills, and sharing their experiences. Thanks to all who read and write.

And now, I’m off to find money for boilers and an event, finish a new shift, send my kid to school on time, and generally hope I muddle through this day with openness and as much joy as I can manage.