The guys love a parade, but I do not. So they went off at 7AM for Manchester-by-the-Sea and I stayed home after they were safely and mostly kitted up and in the car. Here they are with the Adjutant, the Young Mr literally a giant among men. The overalls for Mr S were finished at lunch on Wednesday, and lack only in- and out- seam finishing plus a strap for the instep…as well as a waistband alteration, but he doesn’t bust them squatting, so for now, these are completely wearable. And they fit like tights.

Of course, the lads want regimentals. And you can’t blame them: the more they look like soldiers, the more they act and feel and behave like soldiers. This bit of psychology is particularly useful in dealing with the Young Mr who was lured to the car at that early hour by the promise of a) doughnuts, b) an officer’s coat and sword, and c) not having to drum. He’s so close, and yet light years away, from carrying a musket. And when he is old enough to join a regiment on his own, I predict defection to the bridge-jumping 40th with their short red jackets and ostrich plumes.

(Historically, Mr S’s ancestors were on both sides during the Revolutionary period. One decamped to Nova Scotia after Stamp Act riots, another marched from Connecticut to be part of the Army of Observation, and still yet another ratted out American actions on Long Island to the British. Once we’d researched this, my threats to sell the Young Mr to the British carried no weight whatsoever, though technically, he should settle for a green Loyalist’s coat. My people were in Sweden, wearing wool and eating fish, tending their cows and carpentry.)

I spent the holiday nearly banging out an entire gown: entirely cut out, the bodice, back, and one front skirt are assembled. It’s the same pattern as the Richard III/How Now Brown Gown, but without the center back seam wiggle. Burley & Trowbridge’s cotton-wool “Virginia Cloth” is much easier to sew than the heavier wool from Wm Booth. I hope to have it done by Sunday’s event in Swansea, but cannot swear it will be.

Also to be sewn this week: alterations to the Horrid Green Frock Coat, and one complete, from-the-table-up blue linen unlined jacket based on an extant RI example. (Thanks to a pattern from the Adjutant, about which I am very excited.) We (along with many others) have a date with George Washington in Cambridge on Sunday. If you’re in the area, join us.

ETA: That’s next Sunday, July 14. It feels closer than it is….