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My black TEDs. Hot stuff!

My black TEDs. Hot stuff!

And by TBT I mean Titano-Boa Thursday. Putting on the clot-preventing stockings is a lesson in patience, creative language use, and wriggling. Thankfully I can bend more this time around and can thus pull these suckers up– not that they really pull, it’s more that they suck and adhere to your leg and you coax them off your flesh–and get dressed in under an hour. I don’t fully understand the principle by which extremely constricting legwear prevents clots, and at this point, I don’t think I could. My best grasping right now is lunch time and a bottle of Tylenol.

Stockings, 1788-1793. French. MMA 26.56.124

Stockings, 1788-1793. French.
MMA 26.56.124

In lovelier legwear, I do have some of American Duchess’s silk stockings, and look forward to wearing those again in the nearish future. Still, you’d think the TED people could have a little fun, perhaps with replicas of these astonishing stockings? They’re toe-less, just like my TEDs.