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unknown artist, A Country Woman, , Pen and black ink and watercolor on laid paper laid down on a contemporary(?) mount, Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection. B1975.4.46

Gentle readers, I am indeed posting less often. I don’t have less to say (take pity on Mr S), but I have less time.

I have a new routine, which includes a morning workout and more cooking in the evening. That workout takes up the time when I used to write (and sew—I’m behind there, too). But I need to get stronger, because in about three months (83 days according to the countdown app) I’m getting a new left hip. Yay!

Three years ago, I got a new right hip and I love it. Even though it took a while to get used to (which was really about bone growing around the implant so it wouldn’t be so cold in the winter), the lack of pain was a terrific change.

18 months ago, my surgeon told me plainly that it was just a matter of time before the left one would need to be done. We spent some time looking at the x-rays in January, and it’s a fine thing to see the bone lumps that thunk and clunk as you move. Oh, that’s why climbing stairs is noisy and painful… But stronger I must get, so for while, more Pilates and fewer paragraphs.