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Eventually, the to-do list will catch up with you. Vague ideas about things you’d like to make turn into thoughts about why you don’t have whatever the thing is. Dreams of summer are supplanted by the nagging of cold feet– I failed to take my own advice last Friday, for once, did not wear wool socks or stockings.

But beyond cold feet, I find the end of January to be when distractability kicks in: too many ideas! Too many desires! Too many things I want to do!

One of the things I agreed to do, and to which I am really looking forward, is this:

Beyond Boom-Boom Sticks & Fancy-Dress Balls:
​Women’s Lives in Early America


You can learn more about the presenters here, and register here.

For me, winter is a time to revamp my wardrobe and interpretations, rethink my accessories and objects, and get ready for a busy living history season.  This will be a learning experience for me as much as anyone else: another chance to interrogate, rethink, and reconsider what I’m doing, and why.