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The wife of Bob Munn, Keeper at Sandpit Gate. Paul Sandby, Royal Collection Trust  RCN 914337

The wife of Bob Munn, Keeper at Sandpit Gate. Paul Sandby, Royal Collection Trust RCN 914337

On Sunday,  Mr FC mentioned that they knew the names of at least two of the women of the 10th Massachusetts, including one notorious woman, Bridget Mahoney. I mentioned this in an email to Mr HC, and got back four solid paragraphs of information. I sincerely and earnestly wish I had those retention skills, but embedded in one paragraph was that they knew of a woman in Wallcott’s company, because the brigade chaplain, Enos Hitchcock, had baptized the child of a soldier in Wallcott’s company.

Enos Hitchcock was the pastor of the First Congregational Church in Providence, and I happen to be fairly familiar with his pastel portrait and his diaries. The Rhode Island Historical Society published his diaries in 1899, and they can be read online thanks to the Open Library.

Here’s what I found, reading and searching:

April 25, 1779
Baptized child of Richard Northover, Soldier of the Train, by the name of Mary.

May 5, 1779
Married Sgt Bates and Mrs Lucy Gun

May 9, 1779
Baptized Lydda, daughter of George Wilson and Letty, his wife, of Capt. Buckland’s Train—Baptiized Adaulph, son of John Degrove of the above company

May 31, 1779
Sent for to go aboard the Lady Washington galley to marry John Thompson and Abia Chase

June 21, 1779
Married Henry Smith and Phebe Cockswain, late Brewer’s Regt.

Three baptisms and three marriages in just over 8 weeks: that’s a busy regiment.

Of course, they did their share of fighting, and not just on the field. I did not witness the fight instigated on Sunday morning by Mr FC, against the New York troops in which there was shoving, the beating of Mr S with a hat, and the deflection of Mr McC, who upon arriving with a shovel, was put to work digging.

September 17, 1777. Enos Hitchcock diary.

September 17, 1777. Enos Hitchcock diary.

In Hitchcock’s diary, I found an account of a quarrel near Stillwater, NY on September 17, 1777. This was intramural knife-thrusting, but clearly, the 10th Massachusetts were very busy men.